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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Europe's Muslim Migration Crisis: Is America to Blame? Or George Bush? (No.)

Europe is inundated with Muslim migrants. There is social unrest – see New Year's Eve mass sex attacks by Muslim men on European women – and terrorism. See Paris.

Many on the left insist that America is to blame. America invaded Iraq. If America had not invaded Iraq, there would be no migrants.

The "It's all America's fault; this is happening because of the Iraq War" Is a big, fat lie.

How do you know it's a big, fat lie?

You know it's a big, fat lie because

1.) The majority of the migrants are not coming from Iraq. In fact they are not coming from countries against which America has engaged in military hostilities, example, Eritrea, Mali, Somalia, Nigeria, Senegal, Gambia, Syria, etc. Chart linked below.

2.) The Islamization of Europe began in the 1960s, not in the 2000s. These events have been brewing for a long time.

3.) European policy and European choices shape the migration, the Islamization, and the social unrest. Europe asked for this, and Europe got it.

Why are Leftists telling big, fat lies about the migrants? Because "truth is that which serves the party." Because leftists want power. Because they are at war against the West and big, fat lies – propaganda – are their weapon.

Here's the leftist strategy: If something bad happens – anything bad, anywhere in the world – do not blame proximate causes or actors. Find some way to pin blame on the West: America, Christianity, white men. If you stub your toe, it is America, and George Bush's, and the pope's fault.  

How did so many military-age Muslim men end up in Europe? And why are so many of them behaving destructively?

Because Europeans invited them, and because Europe handled them very badly.

Here's the history:

Nazi Germany committed unspeakable crimes against humanity in the name of racial purity.

After the war, Europeans decided that racism was the worst sin and that "tolerance" and "diversity" and "multiculturalism" were the highest virtues.

Translation: Europe is guilty and bad. Western Civilization is guilty and bad. Anything other than Western Civilization is benign.

Also after the war, Europe needed to resurrect economically. For that, Europe needed workers.

Europe had suffered two catastrophic, population-reducing wars back to back: World War I and World War II. Before those wars, there had been mass migration to America from Eastern and Southern Europe. Europe was *depopulated.* It needed people.

Too, after the war, European women's birth rates plummeted. Western European women have some of the lowest birth rates in the world. The birth-rate per woman in Germany is 1.38.

Also, Europeans voted in socialist programs. The famous "free health care" and guaranteed employment and lengthy vacations. Someone had to pay for all those social programs.

Europe had colonized Muslim-majority countries. France had colonized Algeria and Morocco. England had colonized what would become Pakistan – in fact England participated in creating Pakistan, a country that had previously never existed. Spain had also colonized Morocco. Holland had colonized Indonesia.

These Western European countries had ties with overseas Muslim populations.

Germany officially invited Muslim workers from Turkey. They were called "gastarbeiter" or guest workers. Other countries invited in their former colonial subjects.

Muslims, for their part, were more than happy to leave their homelands. In Muslim-majority countries following Muslim custom, Muslim women and girls are often pressured, if not forced, to marry young and to produce many children. Many Muslim countries are stagnating economically. There are not enough jobs for booming populations. Muslim men wanted to go overseas to get work.

Conspiracy theorists on the right will tell you that the Muslim migration to Europe is part of a plot of Muslims to take over the world through migration, aka "hijra." It's true that some Muslim clerics speak of this, but if the economic push and pull factors were not there – poverty at home and jobs abroad – they would not be traveling.

Once these poor Muslims arrived in Western Europe, Western Europe did not invite them to assimilate. Rather, it encouraged them to live apart from mainstream European society. Many commentators say that this is because while Western Europeans were ostensibly "tolerant" and "diverse," they really didn't like their new Muslim neighbors, and kept them apart out of disdain. So, Muslim-only neighborhoods, and no-go areas, were born.

Also, some commentators say that Europeans were engaged in a kind of virtue competition with America. They saw America, in the 1960s, struggling with Civil Rights. They wanted to prove how "tolerant" Europeans were, so they invited Muslims *not* to assimilate to prove their own tolerance to alien cultures.

There are numerous books about this process; read one. A few good ones are listed below.

"Londonistan" by Melanie Philips

"Eurabia" by Bat Yeor

"While Europe Slept" by Bruce Bawer

"America Alone" by Mark Steyn

Economist migration chart

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