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Monday, October 30, 2017

Autumn, October, 2017, Garret Mountain, Skylands, Ringwood Manor, Mount Saint Francis -- WIN A PRIZE!!!

I know people are sick of hearing me apologize for my photos but here I am apologizing again. I see spectacular photos on Facebook, photos I can't match. I don't know what I'm doing, and the camera is small with no special attachments. 

But I have also found that what I can do -- take close-up photos of immobile subjects -- allows me to take evocative photos of places I adore. 

For example the close-up of the stone wall at Ringwood Manor brings the whole place to mind, for me. 


Rather than providing captions for these photos telling you the plant or insect or flower name, I invite you to identify the plant or insect or flower in the photo. Pick a plant or insect or flower that no one else has yet identified. I will then enter your name into a drawing to win a free copy of God through Binoculars (if it's ever published.) 

And I have a question of my own. The final photo is of the moon over some evergreens at Mount Saint Francis. Why does the moon look large to my eyes but tiny in the photo? 

The first group of photos are from Garret, then Ringwood Manor, then Skylands, and the final is Mt Saint Francis.