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Thursday, October 23, 2014

On Calls to Kill or Expel Muslims

Apollon of Olympia Source Wikipedia
In the wake of the recent murder in Ottawa, and in response to discussion of that murder, I posted the text, below, on my Facebook page last night.

Please don't post on my page recommendations for a genocide of Muslims, expulsions of Muslims, and posts saying that Muslims are not human, and are, instead, cancer or some other thing – some *thing* that is not human.

1) Such posts recommend a sinful action. I am a Catholic and a Christian and mass murder, forced expulsion and dehumanization are all sinful and contrary to my belief system.

2) These posts are counter-productive. We are at war. War requires clarity and truth. Bombastic, undisciplined, inflammatory comments about mass murdering Muslim men, women, and children, rounding up innocent civilians and expelling them, and talking about people as things, make the situation we confront worse, not better.

"Let's kill all Muslims" misrepresents counter-jihad. No, the choice is not between submitting to jihad and "Let's kill all Muslims." Such posts give a false image of what it means to resist jihad.

3) Recommendations of mass human rights abuses – murdering and expelling innocent people – hurt, offend, and disturb me, while serving no useful purpose. I'm sure they hurt, offend, and disturb other Facebook friends who may stumble across them.

4) I don't want my Facebook page to be used to disseminate ideas I find abhorrent and immoral.

My position has always been clear:

1) Energy independence. Sine qua non. We fund jihad every time we fill up our gas tanks.

2) Articulate and celebrate Western Civilization and the Judeo-Christian tradition

3) Speak the truth about jihad and gender apartheid

4) Act on existing laws.

Number four is key. I think we have a law against sedition. The mosque attended by the Oklahoma beheader preached the violent overthrow of the United States. Our security services knew this. Yet they did not act. Political Correctness stayed their hand. A woman died as a result.

Nidal Hasan, the Fort Hood shooter, gave ample warning to his fellow army officers that he planned a jihad action. None of his fellow army officers stopped him. Political Correctness prevented them. Thirteen people died.

The Tsarnaev Brothers murdered a Jewish man before they bombed the Boston Marathon. Yet they were not apprehended.

The underwear bomber's father contacted the CIA and yet he was not barred from entering the US. He came close to blowing up an airplane and only passengers stopped him.

Universities are hotbeds of jihadist sentiment and anti-Western hatred. Reza Aslan, Ward Churchill, and Bill Ayers are celebrated and others who hold a relatively positive opinion of the US are told they are too "right wing" to get a tenure track job.

We Americans have dug our own hole – and you want to murder innocent Muslims. But you don't want to stand up to Political Correctness? You have lost my respect with your thoughtless, violent, ineffectual rants. 

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