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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Black Lives Matter Is a Lynch Mob with Blood On Its Hands

Ting Shen / Dallas Morning News / Reuters 
Thursday night, before I went to bed, I felt a sudden sense of urgency.

I felt that I needed to tell someone, anyone, that manipulating news, distorting truth, and manufacturing statistics in order to demonize white police officers is a deadly game.

I suddenly felt that I needed to insist that there is no connection between Ferguson and Baltimore, that these are two completely different events, that lumping together these events is done for one reason only -- to demonize all white police officers as murderous white supremacists out to murder innocent blacks.

I felt this sudden urge to shout that hate mongering never stops with words. Hate mongering always drinks blood.

It was bedtime and I was suddenly agitated, feeling that I had to tell someone that it was just a matter of time till "Black Lives Matter" resulted in more innocent police officers murdered. Yes, more. Because we've already had police officers murdered for the Black Lives Matter mythology. Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos were shot execution style in NYC in 2014. One Asian, one Hispanic, but light skinned enough to satisfy the blood-hunger of Black Lives Matter human sacrifice.

Michael Brown never had his hands up. He never said "Don't shoot."

Eric Garner died of his own chronic health problems and resisting arrest. The arresting officer was a black woman. Two of the arresting officers for Freddie Gray were black themselves. Sandra Bland killed herself.

Tamir Rice was pointing a gun at passersby. Do I wish the police officer had not shot Rice? Yes. Do I think that a young man who repeatedly points a gun at passersby is engaging in risky activity? Yes!

If Black Lives Matter really cared about black lives and thought that those lives matter Black Lives Matter would be in every black neighborhood in the US right now urging African American men to put aside criminal activity and to comply with every request police officers make and *sue later* if necessary.

And yes sometimes police officers hurt and kill innocent people who are complying. The answer in that case is a trial, not a racist lynch mob.

I woke up Friday morning and heard the news of the Black Lives Matter lynch mob massacre in Dallas. And I cried.

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