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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Murder. Rape. Children.

Kronos eating his child. Goya
Islam justifies the murder of children. So say the Taliban, the "students" of Islam.

Islam justifies the rape of slaves. So says ISIS, led by a man with a PhD in Islamic studies.

Islam justifies the rape of child slaves. So says ISIS, citing Koran and hadith.

Islamic jihadis murder children. See today's headlines.

Islamic jihadis murder CHILDREN. See today's headlines.

Islamic jihadis murder C-H-I-L-D-R-E-N. See today's headlines.

c/h/i/l/d/r/e/n do you get it? Do you get it?

Do you see these children in your mind's eye?

Children. Children. Children.

Innocent. Defenseless. Children.


What's the latest score?

One hundred Pakistani children.

School children.

With their books, with their pencils, eager to learn, itching for recess, daydreaming, having crushes, understanding something for the first time, now dead.


Their blood. Their bodies. Their body parts.

Limp. Lifeless. Scattered.

Once as beautiful, as precious, as full of promise and joy, as YOUR child.

Dead. In the name of Islam.

Thousands raped in the Islamic State.

In the name of Islam.

Muslims, Might now be a good time for you to start rethinking and retooling Islam?

Westerners – Americans, Brits, college professors, Facebook posters – Westerners who apologize for Islam – those of you who play the cultural relativism game.

Do YOU care about c_h_i_l_d_r_e_n???

Do you CARE about [r][a][p][e]?

Islamic state, citing the Koran and hadith, publishes pamphlet justifying the rape of war captives, including children, details here.

Taliban murders over one hundred Pakistani school children, details here.

This post is dedicated to American college professors I know who will allow any negative thing to be said about Christianity, but who demonize any criticism of Islam.

This post is dedicated to a Facebook poster I know who bashes Christianity, and especially Catholicism, as inherently evil, but who will not allow a breath of criticism of Islam.

This post is dedicated to the American driving public, who has had ample notice that we need to find alternative sources of energy, and energy independence, but always places its gas tank above its heart and its head.

This post is dedicated to precious, violated, Pakistani and Iraqi children. I pray that there is a heaven for you especially, and that I might see you there one day, and that I can teach you something, and that you can teach me something, and that when the recess bell sounds, we can play. 


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