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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sunni v Shia in Iraq; "The First Victims of Jihad are Muslims"

It's an oft repeated truism: the largest number of victims of Islamic terror are Muslims.

No one knows if this statement is true. No one is operating an abacus that is tabulating all the deaths.

But Muslims are victimized by jihad.

Right now Sunnis are fighting Shiites in Iraq.

The rift between Sunnis and Shiites goes back 1400 years, to the founding of Islam.

After Mohammed died, there was a power struggle. Some wanted his relatives to rule Muslims. Others wanted a non-relative to be in charge.

There was killing over this question.

Sunnis align themselves with Muawiyah. Muawiyah killed many of Mohammed's companions. Some say Muawiyah even killed Aisha, Mohammed's widow and favorite wife.

Ali ibn abi Talib, Mohammed's cousin and son-in-law, was Muawiyah's competitor for leadership of Muslims. He was killed. Shiites align themselves with Ali.

This old, old struggle between Sunni and Shiite is reflected in geographic splits. Saudi Arabia, an Arab country, is largely Sunni, and backs Sunni terrorists like ISIS.

Iran, formerly Persia, not an Arab country, is largely Shiite, and backs Shiite terrorists like Hezbollah.

The competition between Arabs and Persians goes back centuries. Persians speak an Indo-European language. They are not Arabs. They had an empire that ruled their part of the world for hundreds of years. They invented Zoroastrianism, an ancient religion that influenced the Jews. They tend to view Arabs as Johnny-come-latelies to the civilized world.

Reports say that right now Sunni ISIS is committing mass murder of Shiites in Iraq.

Men have been lined up in ditches, hands tied behind their backs, and shot in the head. ISIS has posted graphic images of this slaughter.

These Sunni-on-Shiite massacres are one of the reasons why outside observers say that the biggest victims of Islamic jihad are Muslims themselves.

Please pray for peace in Iraq. In Jesus' name amen.



  1. Jehad is a sacred word, unfortunately West and most of Muslims consider war, killing as the only Jehad, fact is this is a minor Jehad and is illegal without orders from leader/Imam or their rep. Prominent Jehad which is must for each person is Jehad ba Nafs. Shia Sunah issue is a political issue due to adverse negative approach became serious. I believe Sunah of Prophet is most follow by Imam Ali so Shia e Ali=Sunah Muhammad(almost). To follow Sunah of Sahaba is prohibited but is being done, like orders of ALLAH & RASOOLALLAH superseded proof for this is nomination of Imam Ali rejected later on, once accepting H.Q. 05:67 & 05:03), bad luck again accepted for historically 2nd, in my view such an issue even surpasses 'trinity' (God forbid)

  2. Jihad is a sacred word misinterpreted, major Jihad is with person self Nafs, minor Jihad is only by order from Imam/Leader or their representatives, exclusively use in defense. Imam Ali being closest to Prophet Muhammad means Shia=Sunnah. To follow Sunnah of Sahaba is prohibited, but is in practice, like nomination of Ali as per order from Allah,H.Q. 05:67 & 05:03 rejected later on though accepted before, why? on earth, nomination again accepted in case of 2nd caliph and method obtain for 1st rejected was it with flaw, Muslims are not suppose to be divided into sects, wake up Muslims, wake up. 'End of Time' already set in. Request all person of World to unite under one banner, announcement anytime due. Best Regards & Best of Luck.