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Monday, June 23, 2014

"Hilariously Witty, Meaningful, & Surprisingly Easy to Relate To" Anna Skarzynska of Unpleasant Accents Reviews "Save Send Delete"

"I tend to have a personal bias against faith-based literature, if only because I have issues with any material that comes across as preachy or pushy…

But "Save Send Delete" is "hilariously witty…both humorous and meaningful. It brings to light a variety of questions about life and the never-ending journey of faith…it is beautifully relatable."

"I found it surprisingly easy to relate to her own struggles and trials in her faith, despite how vastly different they are from my own. Goska has a talent for composing the emails in such an honest and revealing manner, yet never crossing that line where you have to question if it's really something someone would confess to someone outside of God.

In her emails to Rand, Mira shows just how well-read she is when discussing religions and beliefs. I especially loved how she refuses to judge an entire religious group based on the actions of a few. (Side note: If you do that, you're a dumbass.)

My favorite line in this entire book was, 'People suck, Rand. That's my first noble truth.' I literally screamed in glee at that line, particularly at how perfectly it was delivered in the context of the argument. By the end of the book, I had decided that Mira is worthy to share a bottle of wine with while sitting on my balcony and laughing our respectable behinds off."

Thank you to Anna Skarzynska at Unpleasant Accents for this review!

And – please buy "Save Send Delete"!

If you buy it direct from me it's a tad cheaper than buying it on Amazon. And I can sign it for you. 

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