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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Persecution of Christians in Egypt: Let's Please Do This. It's Quick, It's Painless, and It Will Make You Feel Good. And Let Us Know How It Went!

You enjoy freedom of speech. Use it! It feels good! 
Please do this.

It will be easy to do.

It will make you feel good.

1.) Please go to this website and find the address of your representatives:

2.) Please go to your local paper's website or a website like this one and get your local paper's editor's email address.

3.) Please also find an email address for the leaders at your church, synagogue, mosque, or humanist society.

4.) Please cut and paste the letter, below, and send it to your elected representatives, the local press, and church leaders. Or write your own letter.

Dear (Place elected representative or Editor name here)

At this very moment, an innocent, indigenous, minority population is being targeted for terror, death, and cultural, if not actual genocide. These victims live in a country that the US supports with massive amounts of economic aid. Many analysts point out that American diplomatic missteps may have contributed to these attacks. These victims are the Christians of Egypt.

The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights reports the following statistics just for August, 2013:

Torched: 25 churches and monasteries, four Coptic civic associations, two religious libraries, four schools or Coptic associations attached to churches, two social services annexes and an orphanage that was evacuated only a few days prior to the attack.

Looted and destroyed: seven churches and four schools run by Coptic associations.

Partially destroyed: five churches

Pelted with stones and Molotovs: ten churches and the houses of three priests

Analysts see an echo in today's violence of the fourteenth century. Until then, Egypt was still almost fifty percent Christian. Under Muslim persecution, including the threat to convert or face being burned alive, many terrorized Christians converted.

The Christians of Egypt face their Kristallnacht. On November 9-10, 1938, German Nazis attacked Jewish houses of worship. The world sat by and did nothing. Hitler took the world's passivity as a sign that he would encounter little resistance in carrying out his planned genocide of the Jewish people. Indeed, he was able to carry out that plan.

We must not be similarly passive, especially since, given the amount of aid it receives, Egypt is a client state of the United States. The persecution of Egypt's Christians is happening in our geopolitical and economic backyard.

Please take action on this matter. Please do so quickly. Please inform me of what you do.

Thank you.


Please do this, folks. Please let's send out these letters. And report back what happens.


  1. Wanted to share this photo - thought it might make you feel a little better: it's of Egyptians making a human circle of protection around a church.

  2. It's a common polemical device to compare the BEST OF US to the WORST OF THEM. But comparing the best to the best, and the worst to the worst makes more sense, although it may not be as satisfying. BEST to WORST comparisons are so useful for drawing stark distinctions, and confirming of one's biases. (I know, I know, you don't have any! Biases are what the OTHER GUYS have, lol!). The Taliban is to the Westboro Baptist Church as Chisti Sufis are to Unitarians. (What's that you say? You are UNFAMILIAR with the Chistis? How could that be!? I'm shocked, shocked! I tell you, that you aren't familiar with every flavor of Islam!) There is nothing so repulsive in Islam that doesn't have its source and origin in Judaism and Christianity. Three strands of the same braid, formed into a noose, so suitable for choking the reason right out of its subscribers! (Not you, of course, ;) )