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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Psychic Medium and Attorney Mark Anthony on Evil and Hell

Psychic Medium and Attorney Mark Anthony

Mark Anthony is a lawyer as well as a psychic medium. Anthony speaks several times in his book, "Never Letting Go," about encountering individuals who are exploitative and destructive. One is a (living) gigolo who siphons funds from a naïve widow. Another is a (dead) child rapist and murderer.

The gigolo, Anthony reports, is cold, calculating, and artificial. As soon as the widow leaves the room, he adopts a different personality in a one-on-one conversation with Anthony. "I never felt any emotion from him. He felt like an empty shell." This resonates with one definition of evil: the absence of God. "I don't do guilt," this "icy, malevolent, predatory sociopath" tells Anthony. Guilt is normal in normal people when we do bad things. The absence of guilt is not a New Age blessing. It's the diagnostic mark of a sociopath. Is being an evil person a question of choice, the result of free will, or is it the inevitable result of chemical imbalance? Anthony doesn't address that question, but he does report that sociopaths "immerse themselves in pools of negative energy."

The child killer's soul, Anthony reports, is not in the light. "I feel despicable," Anthony writes, when attempting to convey how the child killer's soul made him feel. "The spirit feels hollow" –again – evil as the absence of God. Channeling the child killer's spirit, Anthony wrote, made him feel a desire "to remove slime" from his body. "He's on the other side, but he's not in the light…I see an image of an empty but filthy garbage can. That's how he sees himself…this spirit fills me with revulsion…he is reflecting on everything he put you and your family through…he is in a hollow and distant place, devoid of the Light, in order to reflect on the horrors he inflicted on so many people…perhaps he will ascend … only God has the power to make that decision" Anthony reports. I would conclude that the child killer is in hell, a place many choose to deny.

There is a bright side to the evil Anthony encounters. People like Vicki Rios-Martinez, the mother of the murdered child, Junny Rios-Martinez. In her work to protect children, Vicki is, Anthony reports, a living saint.

I've focused on the two dark passages in the book only because most other psychics don't tend to focus on the dark side in their books. Most of Anthony's book is upbeat and heartwarming. It's well written and chock full of evidence of the continuance of the spirit after physical death.

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