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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Journal News Reports Names, Addresses of Gun Permit Holders

If you click on a dot on the map at the Journal News website,
you discover the name and address of the mapped gun permit holder. 

The Journal News of White Plains, New York, published an interactive map with names and addresses of pistol permit holders in Westchester and Rockland Counties. When you click on a dot on the interactive version of the map, on the newspaper's website, the name and address of the gun permit owner appears.

In "The Gun Owner Next Door," by Dwight R. Worley, The Journal News reports:

"In May, Richard V. Wilson approached a female neighbor on the street and shot her in the back of the head, a crime that stunned their quiet Katonah neighborhood.

What was equally shocking for some was the revelation that the mentally disturbed 77-year-old man had amassed a cache of weapons — including two unregistered handguns and a large amount of ammunition — without any neighbors knowing.

'I think that the access to guns in this country is ridiculous, that anybody can get one,' said a neighbor of Wilson's who requested anonymity because it's not known whether the gunman, whose unnamed victim survived, will return home or be sent to prison. 'Would I have bought this house knowing somebody (close by) had an arsenal of weapons? No, I would not have.'

In the wake of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., and amid renewed nationwide calls for stronger gun control, some Lower Hudson Valley residents would like lawmakers to expand the amount of information the public can find out about gun owners."

Full text of the article is here.

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