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Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy Halloween! At Christmastime!

I don't own a car and walk a lot. I see a lot. Whenever I'm given a ride, I am amazed at how much less I see from the window of a moving car than while walking.

I commute to work on foot.

I pass a house, an exquisite Victorian. It's in a borderline neighborhood between real slum and decent but undistinguished New York area commuter suburb. Cape Cod houses, small lawns, minimal beauty. At one end of this block, a small red brick factory exudes noxious fumes. One man's yard smells of dog poo. This Victorian house, vast and stunning, stands out.

And then, in October, it goes totally crazy.

For years I've been telling my students, someone, please, study this house. How and why the occupants do what they do for Halloween.

Finally, this year, Alexandra Milteer, the very best student possible, bravely went to the house and filmed it, and interviewed its occupants. Her excellent film is linked below.

Now, finally, someone can see one of the things I see when I walk.

See Alexandra Milteer's amazing film of an amazing house HERE


  1. Great video. What a house! I wish we could be so open to the street on Halloween doesn't feel safe. I enjoyed seeing it very much. Thanks for sharing. I love Halloween but can't imagine the resources that went into making the spooky extravaganza possible. Christina Pacosz

  2. Mad... so much effort... origins of Halloween sinister indeed... but a great video.