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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Cardinal Dolan: Anne Marie Murphy Was Like Jesus. Tell Me Again Why Women Can't Be Priests?

Anne Marie Murphy: Like Jesus 
Dylan Hockley, age 6. Anne Marie Murphy shielded him as they died. 

Anne Marie McGowan Murphy was 52 years old and a mother of four. During the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shootings, she shielded her student, six year old Dylan Hockley, and other students, with own her body.

The Hockley family released a statement. "We take great comfort in knowing that Dylan was not alone when he died but was wrapped in the arms of his amazing aide, Anne Marie Murphy."

Cardinal Timothy Dolan eulogized Anne Marie Murphy:

"Because I know Jesus, I feel as if I know Ann Marie McGowan Murphy quite well! Like Jesus, Annie was an excellent teacher; Like Him, she had a favored place in her big, tender heart for children, especially those with struggles; Like Jesus, Annie laid down her life for her friends; Like Him, she has brought together a community, a nation, a world, now awed by her own life and death; Like Jesus, Annie’s life and death brings light, truth, goodness, and love, to a world often shrouded in darkness, evil, selfishness, and death."

It was only after an hour of tearful thought and prayer that I realized. I am a Catholic woman. The church tells me that I, and other women like me, can't be priests because we women are too unlike Jesus to be priests.

Cardinal Dolan's eulogy demonstrated why that reasoning is incorrect.

Cardinal Dolan's eulogy is online here 


  1. Thank you so much for this.

    As a Catholic woman who wants to be a Priest, knowing that these men are capable of recognising Jesus in us gives me hope.

    Unfortunately knowing that it is only in the most extreme and exceptional of circumstances, circumstances most of us will never face, makes me despair.

  2. Thank you for reading and posting. I visited your blog, linked in your post, and found it interesting.

  3. Ann Marie gave her life to protect a child and her gender did not dictate her sense of protection and sacrifice and she was truly like Jesus. Ann Marie was truly a priest, truly human, and truly woman. She was a true priest and her example of sacrifice could never be argued away or downplayed. The church would have been so blessed to have her as priest.