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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Lent / Tarot / Celebration: The Four of Wands

Tarot's four of wands depicts a formal celebration, a rite of passage. Maybe a wedding.
Jesus never married but he performed his first miracle at a wedding. He does so at the request of a woman, his mother Mary. Jesus speaks sharply to Mary. He calls her "woman" not "mother" and declines her request. She is undeterred.

There are six stone water jars. Each can contain twenty to thirty gallons of water. This water was used for ritual ablutions. Jesus turns all that, not just into wine, but into very good wine.

Much more wine than would be drunk at the wedding.

This passage suggests several conclusions. If God turns you down, keep nagging. Jesus performed his first miracle at the behest of a woman. Misogyny must go. God loves parties and God provides abundantly. 

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