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Thursday, December 28, 2017

December 27, Fire and Ice: Paterson to Garret Mountain

Fire on McBride Avenue Extension. Building appeared to be an old textile mill, but I am not sure. I wonder if bums did not make a fire to keep warm in the bitter cold. The wooden beams in these textile mills are massive. I think of the trees that produced such lumber. I think of American ambition. Now nothing but ashes. 

The horse approached me eagerly. I had to inform him that I had no carrots. He then rapidly turned his butt to me and stood that way for some time. I scratched and patted his butt. He did not object. 

Ice needles. 

A house with Christmas decorations on Preakness Avenue. Preakness Avenue is increasingly Muslim / Bangladeshi. I wonder how much longer there will be Christmas decorations there. 

News coverage of the fire here:

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