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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Toilet Nazis. Let Everyone Use the Men's Room. And Reserve the Women's Room for Women.

Toilet solution.

There is an easy answer to the latest BS, made-up, smokescreen, nonsense spectacle from (some-not-all) "liberals" who really can't pay attention to serious matters, who never protest ISIS or San Bernardino or Cologne, or the failures of Obamacare, or black-on-black gun deaths in cities like Chicago, but who yell and scream about unfairness because I and other women don't want a man in the bathroom with us.

I and other women don't want a man in the bathroom with us because when we are in the bathroom, we remove our clothing. And we have been peeked at by hostile and invasive men when removing our clothing. It has happened to me. It has happened to my women friends. It's not been consensual. It has been scary and traumatizing.

Another reason. When you are peeing, you are vulnerable. It's not easy to spring from urination position to self-defense mode.

And, yes, as a woman I have had to physically defend myself against predatory men in public places.

Another reason. We women want a refuge our own. The place where we remove our clothing and indulge in the vulnerable act of peeing should be such a place.

If you don't understand this, you are a misogynist creep, and you have no right to talk about women.

Anyway, here's the solution.

EVERYBODY gets to use the MEN'S room.

Women who want men in the women's room get their wishes met. They can go on over to the men's room.

Men who have such contempt for women that they want to tell us what goes on in the women's room -- they get to use the men's room.

Men who are under the unfortunate delusion, often imposed on them by "therapists," that they are women in men's bodies, get to use the men's room.

Case closed.

But it isn't really closed, is it?

No, you don't want men who think they are women in the men's room.

Because you feel that the men's room would be an unsafe, uncomfortable place for men who think they are women.

You want to protect MEN (who think they are women) from the potential danger of undressing and urinating in front of other men, but you want to EXPOSE women to that same danger.

You jerk. 

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