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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Obamacare: One Anecdote

Past and Present. Source
In the past few years I have been dealing with a few health issues not uncommon in someone my age: cancer, a chronic illness, and something else I'd rather not disclose. It's a vanilla issue for anyone with money. It used to be a vanilla issue for me before Obamacare, when I could be seen by good private doctors for a reduced fee.

Once Obamacare came in, and this really literally happened to me -- the doctors I used to see said, "You have Obamacare now. You don't need us. Go away."

I began a round of phone calls, visits, begging for care -- years -- years -- of Kafkaesque stuff you really don't want to read about.

Every day is a struggle. I am in constant physical pain. I feel humiliated and crushed. And I can't do anything about it because ... because I am taken care of by Obamacare. Phones no one answers. Doctor visits with incompetents who damage my body. Medieval techniques.

That is my real experience. If you are having good experiences with Obamacare, good for you. that is not my experience.

I don't even post about it much any more because Obama supporters jump down the throats of anyone who talks about this and call us liars, racists, etc.

Why I'm posting about it now.

I had a problem with a private, capitalist, profit-driven, corporate, American company. They sent me a bizarre bill yesterday. They had already taken money from my account to pay for this bizarre bill.

I dreaded phoning them today ... because on some level, because my Obamacare-agony has become such an all pervasive background dirge in my life, I concluded that dealing with this company would be like dealing with the scum I deal with for Obamacare.

That I'd call the number and no one would answer ... or I'd get an endless labyrinth phone tree that ended in a dead-end ... or some offshore Amir who didn't speak English very well ... or they'd take even more money from me. ... that I'd be on the phone for hours.

I phoned this big, corporate, capitalist, profit driven company. And -- it was a *pleasure.*

I was immediately directed to a very pleasant voiced woman who was probably in the US and spoke English perfectly and she was very courteous and deferential and she immediately apologized for the bill and immediately removed it from my account and said she'd be sending me a refund within five days and she gave me a confirmation number if for some reason the refund did not arrive.
I was like ... That was Rational. I was just treated with respect. The solution arrived immediately. What planet am I on ... oh ... this is capitalism.

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