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Friday, July 4, 2014

Hobby Lobby Unintended Consequences of the Supreme Court Decision

Source: Wikipedia 
A little known unintended consequnce of the HOBBY LOBBY Supreme Court Ruling deserves greater attention.

Yes, of course I'm celebrating that Hobby Lobby won its court case Monday. But Iet's discuss a little known side effect of this ruling.

Thanks to Burwell v Hobby Lobby docket number 13-354, our sun will soon morph into a red giant. The parameters of our sun, formerly our friend who brightened our days, made summer possible, and ripened our crops, will expand into those of a hideous, fiery destroyer that will scour all life from our planet. Cute little puppies will be incinerated. Even the keens of mourning will be drowned out by eternal silence. Death will stalk the land. Time itself will cease to exist.

This is what happens when you let Christians win a court case.

Otherwise, though, I'm happy with the decision.

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