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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sarah Silverman Anti-Christian Hate Monger on NPR; Tax Payers Foot the Bill; Criticism of Islam Still Taboo on NPR

Sarah Silverman appeared on the NPR broadcast Weekend Edition Saturday on November 23, 2013. NPR receives tax payer support. The bulk of Silverman's material consisted of anti-Christian hate mongering. Silverman implied that Catholics pray a prayer called the "Heil Mary" -- from Heil Hitler -- and that Catholics approve of sending Hitler to heaven for murdering Jews. Thus, Silveman promotes the canard that Nazism = Christianity. 

Silverman pretended to be oppressed. In fact she's a very successful Jewish woman living and working in a majority Christian country. 

NPR would never allow a Christian spokesperson to be allowed the microphone to point out why Silverman's hate mongering and lies are so odious. 

Silveman's hatred against and lies about Christianity are enough to make your skin crawl. NPR's censorship of Christian rebuttal is cowardly and skews public discourse.
But that's not all!

Tax payers pay for this. National Public Radio receives funds from the government. It also receives funds from individuals and corporations.

Please don't donate to NPR. Please protest corporations that donate to NPR. 

Your tax dollars, your donation dollars, and corporate funding are used to finance hate.

Look -- maybe you hate Christianity, too. Maybe you lie about Christianity, too. So maybe Silverman's, and NPR's, hatred and lies are good for you. 

But look at it this way. Would NPR ever approvingly broadcast a neo-Nazi who hated Judaism as much as Silverman hates Christianity? No. Would NPR breathe one word of honest criticism against jihad and gender apartheid? I'd like to see it. Would NPR ever broadcast anyone who mongered hatred against Muslims as Silverman mongers hatred against Christians? Never. 

If NPR's lies and hate don't bother you, shouldn't at least its hypocrisy and cowardice? 


  1. I haven't seen Silverman's act, but I googled "Sarah Silverman Morning Edition" and found this reference: "One punchline involves Hitler being assigned 'Heil Marys' as penance." That may be tasteless, but it doesn't sound like a suggestion that Catholics say "Heil Marys." Do you have a link to the text or video of the whole thing?

  2. Karen, serious question. How do you feel about images that equate the Star of David with the Swastika?

    Example here:

    That's how I feel about Silverman equating Nazism and Christianity. If NPR gave me the time, I would explain why in a rebuttal. They won't. Cowards. Liars. Hate mongers.

  3. Danusha,

    If National Protest Radio ever had the good sense to invite you for an interview, I would certainly listen in.

    Sarah Silverman is undeniably appalling.

    1. Liron, on facebook Sue Knight asked about who Sarah Silverman is. I tried to communicate to her. Example. Sara Silverman says she has never been raped, but she jokes about rape. Her rape jokes are weak. Not funny.

      When asked about this she told Howard Stern that she had had to shoot a scene in a movie that disturbed her a lot. Her costar had an erection, she said, and rubbed up against her too hard. She "had to" put up with this.

      She's not okay in the head / heart. And NPR should not have run this piece, certainly not without rebuttal.

  4. She had to put up with this, did she? Reaching for the Kleenex here.

    A self-important narcissist. Don't like her.

    By the way, I tried finding that new anthology on Amaxon. No luck.

    1. Liron, to illustrate this blog post, I did a Google image search of her name.

      I found many topless photos. Many.

      I thought ... how odd.

      I then thought, do people photoshop celebrity porn?

      I then googled celebrity porn.

      They do, they do.

      Neither here nor there.

    2. Is that "Jesus Dress Up" on that picture? Sarah looks so amused... maybe Jesus dressed in "Auschwitz pajamas" would wipe that smile from her face?
      But seriously, how much of what she says or does is "the real Sarah"?
      For some shocking and provoking people is just a way to gain fame. Just look on Lady Gaga. Anyway, she's Jewish, I was a breastfed baby (anti-semitism was in the mom's milk). Bashing her is expected of me. A good reason not to do it.

  5. I find her repulsive on the one hand but drawn into her cuteness on the other.