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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Public Shaming and Saggy Pants

True story.

I was on a bus traveling from the suburban supermarket back to Paterson, the urban ghetto.

I was not really alert, just drifting off into no-mind as I do on buses.

I just turned my head and dead smack dab in front of my nose was the underwear-clad buttocks of a young African American male.

Again, I was not really alert, so I didn't hide my reaction. My jaw dropped and I stared, in a politically incorrect way, as if to say, "Omigod look at that kid's underwear! His ass is sticking right out of his pants!"

Again, because I wasn't really alert, I didn't stop myself from rolling my eyes dramatically and kind of going "Huh."

And, guess what. Because I wasn't alert enough to hide my reaction, the kid actually pulled his pants up!

I was amazed.

Maybe public shaming is not such a bad idea.

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