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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Politically Correct Speech Codes, Catholicism, Islam, Birth Control, and Sandra Fluke

Work with me here for a minute.

Suppose a guy named Frank worked for years as an anti-Islam activist. Suppose Frank then enrolled at a Muslim school, the Al-Madrasa Al-Islamiya, say. Suppose Frank then wrangled his fifteen minutes of fame. He would testify before a Senate committee. He would testify against the Al-Madrasa Al-Islamiya. He would tell poignant stories of how students at the Al-Madrasa Al-Islamiya had been denied pork in the school's cafeteria.

Suppose Frank insisted that students need pork for their health. Suppose Frank told very sad stories of students so beggared by their tuition to AMAI that they can't afford pork. Suppose Frank painted a convincing picture as to why the AMAI cafeteria is the only place students can eat pork. Suppose Frank insisted that the United States government must bring to bear all of its weight to force the AMAI to serve pork.

Tell me something, please. At this point in my little story, do you hate Frank as much as I do? Do you see right through Frank? Do you get it that Frank is a liar, a sneak, a troublemaker?

I'm a critic of jihad and gender apartheid, but Muslim's private abstention from pork is none of my business. I respect it.

To me, anyone who tried to force Muslims to break a harmless tenet of their faith that has no impact on non-Muslims is a despicable person. Anyone who tried to harness the government to strong-arm Muslims to serve pork would be the lowest form of life there is. An agitator. A potential war monger.

Well, you know I'm not talking about Muslims, I'm not talking about any fictional Frank, and I'm not talking about pork. I'm not even really talking about Catholicism, Sandra Fluke, or birth control. I'm really talking about Political Correctness, and how it has warped our language, our morality and our minds.

A Facebook friend passed along the photo, below, of Sandra Fluke.

One Facebook friend, a liberal male, sent me a private message calling me "hateful." I regret that he did not have the courage or integrity to say that to me publicly.

Another Facebook friend accused me of "licking the boots of thugs" who oppose a heroine who just "was trying to speak for all women who desperately need health care."

Please note that this Facebook friend is a wealthy man, and I happen to be a "poor women who desperately needs healthcare." In my experience, rich liberals do lecture the poor about what poverty is. This is one of liberalism's departures from consensus reality.

In any case, when Sandra Fluke testified against Georgetown, she was not speaking for poor women who desperately need healthcare. That was Fluke's mask, her performance. In fact Fluke presented a picture to the public that was not matched by consensus reality. See link below.

Here's what Wikipedia said about Fluke:

"She put forward reasons why Georgetown University should be compelled to offer contraceptive drugs, in spite of the Catholic university's moral opposition to artificial birth control.

She claimed that, during her time as a law student, birth control could cost in excess of $3,000. She also stated that 40% of Georgetown Law School's female population suffered financial hardship as a result of birth control not being covered by the student health insurance plan, and that the lack of contraception coverage in the university insurance plans would induce many low-income students to go without contraceptives.

Fluke insisted that the women of Georgetown, other religious schools, and employees of religious institutions such as hospitals have endured 'financial, emotional and medical burdens because of this lack of contraceptive coverage'"

What Fluke said is just not true. Contraceptives are not that expensive, and even poor women can get them at low cost or not cost. Google "Free condoms" and you will find literally millions of web pages.

According to one website, birth control pills cost nine dollars a month at a Target store near Fluke's address.

Other devices are similarly low cost. I know. I've obtained and used low cost birth control. I've been poor all my life and I've never had to demand that Uncle Sam or the Vatican supply me. Never even close. I'm so tired of rich people's lies about the poor.

Fluke's testimony was about the Left's war of hate on the Catholic Church.

The Catholic Church is imperfect. It benefits from honorable criticism.

As I mentioned above, I, a Catholic, have used birth control. Studies show that the vast majority of American Catholics both use and approve of birth control.

Here's the thing, though. I respect Catholic institutions' right to reject birth control, in the same way that I respect Muslim institutions' right to abstain from serving pork.

I am genuinely afraid of people like Fluke who use any subterfuge to try to strong-arm people of faith into violating tenets of their faith that don't have an impact on others outside their faith.

I am all too aware of totalitarians who coerce people of faith to violate their faith as a matter of course.

That Fluke put on her show under the guise of helping desperate poor women is all the more despicable to me. Me. Someone who has used birth control, and who approves of its use.

It boggles my mind that leftists, that my Facebook friends, can be so blind to the core principles here. When they support creeps like Fluke, they are supporting the violation of private religious beliefs.

Everyone knows I am looking for a job. I've made noise about being denied jobs by "Christian" institutions that don't hire Catholics.

Guess what. I would NEVER testify before a Senate committee demanding that Protestant schools be forced to hire Catholics.

Do I want those schools to hire Catholics? Yes, yes I do. Do I want the US government to force those schools to hire Catholics? Not only do I not want that, if I woke up in a country where that was the case, I would realize that my worst nightmares about my country had come true.

I would so love it if any liberal reading this would realize how far what we now think of as liberalism has departed from the true meaning of the word "liberal."

Expose of the disconnect between Sandra Fluke's performance and the reality here.

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