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Monday, November 27, 2017

"Save Send Delete" Is a "A Diamond of a Book That Shines a Bright Light on Our Own Personal Relationship with God and the Universe"

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“Save Send Delete” by Danusha Goska is A Diamond of a Book That Shines a Bright Light on Our Own Personal Relationship with God and the Universe

It is rare to find books written today that are so brutally honest and so bravely written; a book that has ability to affect its reader at so many different levels. Based on a true story, Goska (a.k.a. Mira, the story’s protagonist) forces the reader to openly confront and internally discuss their own belief system through her “fated” year long e-mail debate/relationship with a celebrity Atheist scientist, “Rand.”

The author’s “no holds barred” writing style forces the reader to wake up, take notice and face our own views about God, religion, faith and love. I was held captive with her imagery, tone, prospective and story telling expertise. The author’s vivid description made me feel as though I was a passenger on her roller coaster life’s journey from the mountains of Tibet to the slums of Patterson, NJ. I could actually see, hear, taste, smell and touch her words. I have read very few books written today that have felt this “real” to me in all its beauty and brutality.

But more importantly, I believed Mira’s tenacious faith in God and humanity. I believed every emotion Mira felt. Goska is never condescending with her message nor demanding that the reader share her views, but after reading her viewpoints, it is very hard to find fault in her well-constructed arguments.

While some readers may not like or appreciate the e-mail format of the book, I cannot imagine a different format for this novel. One vital component of this book is the on-line relationship that develops between Mira and Rand. This format enables the reader to experience the emotional undertones of their relationship. They fight, they banter, and they often disagree but always maintain respect for each other’s opinions and ideas.

Mira, an extremely intelligent, self-assured, modern woman and accomplished writer, sometimes struggles between her confident, pragmatic side and her softer, more vulnerable side. Like all of us, she does not always have the right words for what she wants to say or the courage to express her first thoughts or emotions to Rand, especially when she starts to fall in love with him. But she always manages to resolve these inner conflicts and tell Rand exactly what she is thinking without compromising her own beliefs or alienating him. They actually listen to each other. We all could learn some listening skills from this couple in today’s tumultuous society.

This story is multi-faceted and will appeal to many different audiences. While it convincingly defends the existence of God and one woman’s unshakable faith in God, it also serves to lift the human spirit itself. Mira, the main character, is not perfect nor does she fit the stereotype of being the “perfect” Catholic. She has had more than her fair share of anguish and strife but continues to see the good in mankind and selflessly give to others. Through her, the reader is truly able to experience God’s unconditional love and believe in hope again.

But, this is not just a book about God, religion, and the power of the human spirit, it is also a story about human relationships and how these relationships can make or break us. Mira plays many different roles in her relationships (daughter, sister, friend, student, teacher, and lover). It is through these relationships that one gains a true sense of Mira, her compassion, her loyalty, her tenaciousness and her sometimes brutal honesty. She does not sugar-coat the facts; I find this aspect of her personality very refreshing.

Because I used to be a teacher, the interactions between and Mira and her students touched me most. Mira’s dedication to her students is something that all teachers should strive to possess. Some of the stories the author tells about her students broke my heart but Mira was always there for them, no matter what. Great teachers have the ability to inspire but this gift is often squelched in today’s learning environments.

However, I also found myself caught up in the budding on-line romance between Mira and Rand. Their relationship grows from a debate between two antithetical mindsets to a romantic love affair between two brilliant minds. I admired Mira for standing her ground with Rand and not letting him push her around. Mira is one strong woman with an enormous heart coupled with just the right dose of chutzpah and school girl infatuation. I will not go further lest I spoil the ending for all of you who have not yet read the book.

It was by accident, that I stumbled upon this book, much like Mira stumbled upon her relationship with Rand. My own relationship with God faltered a bit after losing both of my parents. Like Mira and Rand, my parents had diametrically opposing views about God which I hadn’t thought much about until I read this book. I do not know how my parents came to terms with this chasm in their relationship but would like to believe that their love for each other was greater than their need to think alike. They accepted each other for who they were, just as Mira and Rand accepted each other. In any event, I feel a bit stronger in my faith after reading this book and will no doubt be re-reading it when I am running low on faith or self-worth.

“Send Save Delete” is an amazingly inspiring work of art. It definitely deserves a place on your bedside table and in every single book club discussion across America. Very few books possess the innate ability to start meaningful and soul-searching conversations about so many different topics.

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