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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Logan 2017: Violent, Exploitative, Mindless Trash

If you've ever wanted to watch a little girl roll a severed human head over a dusty parking lot, go see "Logan." "Logan" is a violent, gory, hateful, ugly, senseless and charmless movie. Hugh Jackman stars as Wolverine, aka Logan, a man with retractable claws in his hands. He connects with Laura, a mutant like himself. The girl is trying to escape from mistreatment in Mexico to a safe house in Canada called "Eden." She is being pursued by a bad guy, a white man with – you guessed it – a Southern accent. And I bet you already know the bad guy's name – it's Donald.

Donald chasing a Mexican girl who must escape to safety in Canada – I know what you are thinking. This is an artistically and intellectually ambitious film that will deliver more than clich├ęs. Abandon all such hope anyone who buys a ticket for this splatter mess. In fact why not just stay home and watch terrorist videos on YouTube?

Hugh Jackman may as well not even have appeared in this bloated, exploitative, anti-human mess. The film is just one long hyperviolent chase scene. Donald catches up with Logan and Laura, and there is a lengthy fight involving decapitations, dismemberment, and graphic impalement of various body parts. You see Logan's blades puncturing faces and skulls. When the director feels that the fight scene has gone on long enough, Logan and Laura make a temporary escape. Donald regroups and again gives chase. Lather, rinse, repeat.

There are a couple of gratuitous Christophobic images. One of the bad guys has a Christian cross tattooed on his arm. The arm is removed from his body. In another scene, a cross is repurposed into an X, for X-Men.

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  1. Thanks. I was going to pass anyway most likely but now for sure. If I want to see that kind of senseless violence,brutality,bloodletting, and evisceration I can watch Congress sessions on CSPAN.