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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

From a Police Officer

I received an email from a police officer. I thought the email was very informative. I asked for, and received permission to post the email here, as long as I kept it anonymous.


In 1961 I was born in Milwaukee Wi. By the time I was 5 years old my family moved to a suburb of Milwaukee called Greendale. I grew up with a desire to go to college like my parents had. Through the grace of God I was accepted at a state university. Academics were not my strong suit by any means. Looking back on my schooling I realize now that I could easily have been described as a "victim" of ADD and dyslexia. Not knowing that, I hammered on. I never received a dime for school from my father because, as he told me often, he never had.

After 5 years of school and working summers in a factory, I graduated. I knew that I could never spend my life in a factory, it was just not me. I loved jobs where I could talk to people and learn about their lives. After college I spent 2 years bartending before I realized I had to get a job that could provide more for me financially. I took my degree in criminal justice and put it to work as a police officer. I remained in that occupation for the same police department for 30 years. I loved the job because I was able to help people and because each day was an adventure. I never left the road. My last 20 years were spent as a community police officer.

Toward the end of my career I started to experience firsthand the hate that the left teaches. I began to hear people tell me that they were the victims of white oppression and that I was a racist. In one instance I was accused by an NFL player of being a racist. The incident created a media stir, to the point that I was almost forced to leave a neighborhood that I had been a community police officer in for over ten years. A neighborhood that I truly loved working for.

When my young children saw the news on TV they asked me what a racist was. When I explained what it meant they immediately said "Don't they know where you work?" This was in reference to the diversity of my neighborhood that I worked in and my work with youth in that neighborhood.

I guess the point of my email is that I was never exposed to any bigotry by my parents, I never taught anything like it to my children, yet I was almost crushed by the hate of the left. Now I am a 55 year old white male who routinely hears in the media that I now need to make amends for my "white privilege". I get it. I know it is part of the Lefts plan to get me to give up on my principles as a conservative who believes that as human beings we are more complete as persons if we have a sense of self worth versus being reliant on the government for what I have.

God bless

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