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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Trump and Hate. Let's Not Normalize Hate.

I don't know if Trump is personally a racist and I don't care.

Trump's behavior includes the following red flags:

Trump denied housing to African Americans.  

See here:

Trump set up a front group whose sole purpose was to defame Native Americans as drug abusing criminals.

For almost twenty years, Trump refused to pay Polish workers he treated abominably.

Trump prefers to hire Romanians and other foreigners rather than black people born in the US. See here:

Black employees were hidden from his view

And of course he called for the death penalty for the Central Park Five *after* they were exonerated by DNA evidence.

Trump repeatedly lied about having evidence proving that Barack Obama was not born in America.

Trump refused three times, on camera, to denounce David Duke and the KKK.

When Trump encountered backlash, Trump lied about his words. He blamed a "bad earpiece," saying that he could not hear Jake Tapper. In fact he repeated Jake Tapper's words.

Trump denounced a heroic judge as unworthy to adjudicate a case for no other reason than that that judge was the son of immigrants.

Trump disseminated an anti-Semitic meme defaming Hillary Clinton.

Trump's final two-minute campaign advertisement dog-whistled anti-Semites by depicting three prominent Jews, Janet Yellen, George Soros and Lloyd Blankfein, as being part of a conspiracy against decent Americans.

Trump's followers now insist that any bad press Trump receives is part of a conspiracy by an evil Jew who controls the world, George Soros.

For an example of this, see this comment under the "Sieg Heil" video, here Comment: "Reminder that all of this is staged by George Soros to discredit Trump and his supporters as racists and neo-Nazis."

And then there is this GIF of Trump, dressed as a Nazi, gassing Hillary Clinton:

And then there is this ADL report:

White supremacists celebrated Trump's election and his initial appointments of Jeff Sessions, who joked about the KKK and was deemed unfit for a federal judgeship on that basis, and Steve Bannon, who identified his website as a platform for the alt right. See here:

During the campaign, Team Trump released lie after lie. Fake news flooded my Facebook page, all posted by Trump supporters.

Hillary Clinton murdered an FBI agent. See here:

Hillary Clinton admires Sharia Law

Hillary Clinton told the Des Moines Register she will shut down the NRA and/or confiscate guns:

Tim Kaine is in an open marriage:

Fake news writers make up to $30,000 monthly. The man who wrote the fake Hillary-murders-an-FBI agent story said he tried to write fake news for liberals but they wouldn't buy it. Trump supporters bought his swill, no matter how absurd. See here:


Under pressure from journalists, Trump has issued tepid words against hate. But only when prompted, and only tepid. Compare his denunciations of race hatred with his attacks on beauty pageant contestants and Broadway musical actors.


White supremacists and Neo-Nazis play at "passing," at speaking under the radar to see how much they can get away with.

Richard Spencer, the man in the Hail Trump video released earlier this week, said, "Hail victory." In German, "hail victory" is "sieg heil."

Spencer could have said "sieg heil." That is clearly what he meant. He's playing at passing. Playing at how much you will swallow.

Another "passing" game. Spencer used the word "lugenpresse," or lying press.

Remember Joseph Goebbels February 10, 1933 speech at the Sportspalast. Hitler had just won a victory and the first thing Goebbles did was attack the press. Beware, my friends, of those who attack the press, artists, universities, and Jews. See here:

"Lugenpresse" is a Nazi term. Spencer used a Nazi term, that few Americans would be familiar with.

And guess what Breitbart, which is virtually an arm of team Trump, is now doing. Breitbart is now covering for Spencer and for the term lugenpresse.…/20…/11/23/kassam-bbc-lugenpresse/

When haters play passing, they are seeing how much you will put up with before they move on to the next level.

You put up with calling Mexicans rapists? Okay. Let's move on to the next level.

You put up with demeaning a heroic judge? Okay, next level.

You put up with an anti-Semitic meme? Okay, next level.

You *voted* for *all this* for president? Okay, next level ...


Otto's dad served in Hitler's army. Otto is working on a book about WW II.

Otto understands how all this works.


First he's already mobilized the dogs of war on the racist front, so if he didn't believe in the hate group mentality he should have said that before the election. But it appears he had plenty of time to consider his words, support for hate, and his political appointments and it was only when he felt it didn't suit his aspirations did he change his stance. Political game of tag and not moral awakening.

Kristallnacht at the hands of the Fuhrer followed up by speech suggesting all he wants is safety for the German people in the Sudetenland … I'm expecting the Reichstag will burn down mysteriously.

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, fool me the thousandth time vote for Trump.

We see how loose and free he is with the truth. Does 1984 newspeak proud. Today's speech is old by the end of the day and we've seen he'll flip his beliefs on a dime. Given how many times he's reacted to things on video that he's said that are ugly and claimed he never said I'm just putting it down as an another random thought de jour on today's menu board that gets wiped clean as the menu offered changes day to day.


Finally, neither Otto nor I is saying that Trump is Hitler or that Trump is even like Hitler. I don't think he is.

Rather, hate is a game. It is played in a predictable way. Exploiting hate to gain power is a game. It has predictable moves. Trump is playing the game of exploiting hate to gain power. That much is clear. What he does with the power he gains is yet to be seen.

That his supporters are turning on patriotic Americans who reject hate is also part of the game.

Ben Shapiro faces ongoing attacks and threats from Trump supporters. See here:

And Trump supporters, rather than confront and condemn the hate crimes that have followed his election, have labeled all such crimes fabrications. At least one pro Trump website falsely blamed Jews for faking hate crimes. See here:

From the above linked article: 

"Mike Huckabee apologized for posting a false news report blaming “liberal, Jewish” students for an alleged hate crime that involved a mention of President-elect Donald Trump.

The story, appearing on the Conservative Tribune website, blamed an attack in March at Northwestern University on “liberal, Jewish Northwestern students” seeking to smear Trump and his supporters....

Huckabee proceeded to apologize for posting an out of date story as if it was news, and for misidentifying the students as Jewish — although he appeared to persist in the belief that the claim that they were Jewish had been in some way credible. He stuck to the unproven claim that the vandalism was an attempt to smear Trump.

Huckabee, who has millions of followers on Facebook, frequently posts poorly sourced stories from conservative websites....

“They’re two liberal, Jewish Northeastern students who were trying to smear Trump and his supporters,” Huckabee’s post said.

The Conservative Tribune story made it appear as if the vandalism was recent, although it took place in March...

The Chicago Tribune did not identify the accused, Anthony Morales, 19, and Matthew Kafker, 18, with any political allegiance or otherwise suggest that the attack was a false flag bid to smear Trump, nor did it say they were Jewish...

The Jewish identification remained on the Gateway Pundit’s posting Wednesday night. It’s not clear why the Gateway Pundit made the assumption; it linked to a New York Jewish Week account of the vandalism, which did not identify the students as Jewish.

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