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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Normalizing Donald Trump

to normalize: verb.

"Look, he hasn't hit you in a week now. The bruises have already faded. Why not just brush on some blush, cook him a nice dinner, spread your legs at night, and try not to set him off."

normalization: noun

"Okay, so you just found out that that substance your company dumped in a landfill in Jersey contains dioxins. And you just found out that that landfill is located over an aquifer. But you're up for a promotion. Wouldn't you be able to do so much more good in a few years when you are a member of the inner circle? Let this one slide."

"to get along to go along": verb. colloquial

"I know your child was mistreated by this priest. I know the parish told you he'd never work with children again. I know you just saw a photo of him working with kids in another state. But, listen, this is the Church you're talking about. It moves like an ocean liner. Slowly. And remember. There are wiser heads than yours at work on this."

"to lay low": verb. "to cover your ass": verb

"So you let your boss get away with a little hanky panky and now you realize he is full bore in violation of major federal guidelines. And you want to blow the whistle on him. Why not someone else? Do you realize how much paperwork you'd have to fill out? And you'd never get that letter of rec you'd need to stay afloat once your ship goes down. And you were with him in the beginning so you'd be in trouble, too."

Respect the institution. Respect the more important people. Respect the masses. Who are you to speak out?

The "normalization" of Donald Trump is in full swing.

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