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Saturday, October 29, 2016

"Muhammad Was a Feminist": Huffington Post

Child bride in Yemen 
When Muhammad was over fifty years old, he married Aisha, his favorite wife, who was six years old.

Muhammad is the "perfect human worthy of emulation." For that reason, there is no age of consent in Muslim countries.

You can easily find videos on youtube of imams arguing that even a female infant can be married to an adult male, because of Muhammad's example.

These adult men achieve sexual satisfaction from infants by "thighing," placing their member between the infant's thighs.

The marriage of underage girls to adult men has ruined generations of women. The cost to society is comparable to the cost of slavery.

Muhammad instituted the practice of requiring four adult male Muslim witnesses to prove rape.

No such witnesses? The woman is guilty of adultery. She is jailed, stoned, or killed in an honor killing.

Women contain the sin of allurement. If a man rapes a woman, the woman is to blame for alluring the man. This is the "logic" behind honor killing.

Most of the women in Pakistani prisons are imprisoned because they were raped.

Muhammad personally recommended the stoning of an allegedly adulterous woman.

Women are unclean when menstruating and cannot pray. Because, over the course of their lifetime, women pray less than men, women are less virtuous.

Muhammad said that women are "deficient in intelligence." He said that most of the sufferers in hell are women.

Muhammad said that one man can marry four women; women are allowed only one spouse. Men can divorce their spouse merely by saying "I divorce you three times." They can even text that message.

View a map of high sex ratio nations. In Muslim nations, women die younger than men, contrary to patterns in Judeo-Christian countries.

Before Muhammad, women in Arabia could own and operate their own businesses and hire and fire employees: witness Khadija.

After Muhammed, life became miserable for women in Muslim lands. Witnesses Aisha's statement that the believing women are the women who suffered the most. See Sahih al-Bukhari 5825

Muhammad advised Muslim men to beat their wives.

In diyya, the Muslim blood money system, a lower cost is paid for a female death than for a male death.

In some Muslim legal systems, women are not allowed to testify in court at all. In others, two women can testify if their testimony agrees with a man's testimony.

In Islamic inheritance, daughters inherit half of what men inherit. They customarily hand their inheritance over to their brothers.

A woman's children belong to their father, not her. A woman's breast milk belongs to the father of her children.

Muhammad encouraged rape of female captives, even if the captives' husbands were alive and present to witness the rape.

In short, this article is false propaganda and it should be withdrawn.


I just attempted to post the above comments under a BS Huffington Post article naming Muhammad as a feminist.

You can find the article here:

Maybe you'd like to add your thoughts.

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