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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Who Are the Haters? Who Are the Victims? Christian Bakers and Same-Sex Weddings

Who are the real haters? Who are the real victims? Christian Bakers and same-sex weddings. 

The United States is in turmoil. Christophobes insist that Christians are imposing Jim Crow on homosexuals. Under Jim Crow, Blacks were lynched, denied the vote, and forced into substandard schools.

Are American Christians lynching homosexuals, forcing them into bad schools, and not letting them vote?

Let's turn back the clock to July, 2012 in Lakewood, Colorado. Dave Mullins and Charlie Craig want to get married. They ask Masterpiece Cakeshop owner Jack Phillips to make their wedding cake. Phillips doesn't make same-sex wedding cakes. He also doesn't make Halloween cakes or sexually explicit cakes. He is an artist and he must feel inspiration. Phillips offers Mullins and Craig any other cake they want.

The government steps in. The state compares Jack Phillips to a "despicable" slave-owner or Nazi. The state orders Jack Phillips to make the cake, and orders him and his 87-year-old mother to attend state-mandated re-education. Jack Phillips has to think and feel and create what the state wants him to think, feel, and create.

What about Charlie Craig and Dave Mullins? Are they the new victims of the new Jim Crow?

Charlie Craig and Dave Mullins were "inundated" with offers of free cake from "as far away as Japan." They have free cake. They ate free cake. They are not cake victims.

Below is a list of homosexuals who have had to go without cake, food, flowers, venues, and photography in the US because of the new, Christian Jim Crow:

1.) ________________

2.) ________________

3.) ________________

4.) ________________

5.) ________________

Yup, that's right. Not one single homosexual couple in the US has had to go without all the trimmings at their weddings. None. Zip. Zero. Nada.

There are no homosexual victims of the new, Christian same-sex wedding Jim Crow. Not a single one.

Same-sex couples have been championed in the mainstream press and "inundated" with offers of free stuff, often from Christians and churches.

How about the Christian artists and businesses who declined their commissions?

Check out this partial list of casualties:

1.) Jack Phillips

2.) Barronelle Stutzman

3.) Crystal and Kevin O'Connor

4.) Jonathan and Elaine Huguenin

5.) Cynthia and Robert Gifford

What has happened to them? Some of the following:

They have received death threats so credible their businesses have shut down and there is doubt they can ever re-open

They have received thousands – literally thousands – of hate letters

They have been ordered to attend state-mandated re-education and thought-control sessions

They have been vilified in the mainstream press and on the internet by writers calling their Christian faith "cannibalism" "trailer park trash" "pigs" and much worse

They have been forced to pay massive fines for refusing to participate in same-sex weddings, including by refusing to host a same-sex wedding on their own, private property. Even if they offered to host the reception on their private property, that was not enough. They were ordered to host the actual wedding ceremony itself

They have had forfeiture of their place of business and their home threatened by the state

They have been compared to Nazis by representatives of the state

They have been told in explicit language by state representatives that they must give up their religious beliefs – that their surrender of their religious belief "is the price of citizenship."*

Please note: none of the above-listed people ever denied services that they offer to all customers. If a gay person entered their place of business and asked for a cookie, that gay person got a cookie. Or a flower. Or a photograph. Or a slice of pizza. Haters are lying about them, saying that they deny services to customers based on sexual orientation. That's not true. All they did was say, "I can't participate in a same-sex wedding. Not with my art, not with my private property."

Activists like Steven Crowder have exposed massive hypocrisy at work in the Christophobe camp. Crowder went to Muslim bakeries in Dearborn, Michigan and asked for a wedding cake. He was refused. The state is not going after these Muslim bakeries. Video at this link here.

Theodore Shoebat asked gay bakeries to create pro-traditional marriage cakes. They refused. Video at this link here.

Lesbian activist Tammy Bruce, former Act-Up member, denounced Christophobic "fascist bullying," video here.

America's current turmoil over Christian bakers is just another Big Lie. It's 1984-style "two minutes of hate." The re-education the state wants to subject Christians to is comparable to "Clockwork Orange."

In the same week that my Facebook feed overflowed with Christophobic hatred, the very same "human rights activists" who posted those messages ignored the massacre of around 150 innocents at Garissa College in Kenya. The killers announced that they were killing their victims because they were Christian.

* The government said that Christians who decline to create art for same-sex weddings are "now are compelled by law to compromise the very religious beliefs that inspire their lives," adding "it is the price of citizenship." Source


  1. I have missed my visits here. Don't know why I don't stop in more often. This is such a great take on the subject. I just read an article detailing the events the poor pizza parlor owners have gone through and as I read, what ran through my brain was the similarity between the muslim mobs that grind their teeth and want to destroy anyone who creates a cartoon of Mohammed and the lgbt mobs that do the same with anyone who dares to have a faith based opinion which does not mesh with theirs. Granted no blood has been shed (yet) in this gay war but lives are destroyed nevertheless. I know I am being too simplistic - I am usually accused of this - but there is something so off in people without a real anchor isn't there? Happy Easter Danusha. He is Risen - He is Risen indeed and man oh man do we need Him.