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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Nepal: Please Help

I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in a remote village in Nepal.

One afternoon, as I trekked to my teaching post in the Himalayas, a monsoon storm turned day into night and a landslide wiped out my trail. I got terribly lost; coming to a strange village, exhausted, I sat on the porch of a peasant home. Inside, the family was eating roasted cow-corn kernels for dinner. Roasted cow-corn kernels were to be their entire dinner; there was nothing else on their menu.

A man inside saw that a human form was sitting on his porch. He couldn’t have seen that I was American, or anything else, for that matter. It was dark night by then, in a village without electricity. In any case, I was wearing a sari. He whispered to his wife, “Someone is sitting on our porch. We have to cook rice.” Rice is the highest status food in that economy. And, by “rice,” they meant, for them, an elaborate meal consisting of rice, lentils, and vegetables.

Their hospitality astounded me. I did eat with them that evening, and sleep in their house.

I loved my time in Nepal. I met many good people there.

There has been a terrible earthquake in Nepal.

The agencies listed below are doing relief work.

I would like to offer a free, signed copy of my book "Save Send Delete" to the first four people who donate fifty dollars or more to one of these agencies.

Thank you.

American Jewish World Service:
The Salvation Army:
International Medical Corps:
Handicap International:
Mercy Corps:
Catholic Relief Services:
Habitat for Humanity International:
Global Giving:
The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee:
World Vision:
Red Cross:
United Nations World Food Program:
Samaritan’s Purse:
Save the Children:
Lutheran World Relief:
The Jewish Federations of North America:
SOS: Children’s Villages International
Doctors Without Borders:
MAP International:
International Relief Teams:


  1. I thought I commented on this not long after you posted but I must have pushed the wrong button as I sometimes do. I have donated to help Nepal and I have encouraged my friends to do the same. I have asked them to send their hard earned money to the Salvation Army since I believe they are the only group to use the money for all the right reasons. I think I also said how wonderful your pictures were and they are. I didn't donate enough to get a copy of your book but I have already bought it and regard it highly.

    1. Gemma, thank you. As you've probably heard Nepal just had another earthquake.