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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Challenge to Atheists

A question for Atheists, at least the Atheists invested in the myth that Nazis were Christians but Christian Enlightenment Scientists were something, anything, utterly the opposite of Christians.

Capital A Atheists like Michael Shermer in "The Moral Arc" and Steven Pinker in "Better Angels" claim that humanity is improving because humanity is casting off religion and practicing reason.

Reason all started, Atheists claim, during the European Enlightenment in the 1650s – 1780s. All of a sudden, Europeans stopped being religious and bad and started being smart and good.

Many of the Enlightenment thinkers Shermer cites in "Moral Arc" were in fact devout Christians, although Shermer often doesn't mention this. Isaac Newton, Francis Bacon, Renee Descartes, Blaise Pascal, Galileo, Copernicus, Gregor Mendel, George Lemaitre – the Big Bang theory's originator – these key scientists and many more were Christians. Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier was a devout Catholic. He is called "The Father of Modern Chemistry." Lavoisier was guillotined by that famous expression of the Enlightenment, the French Revolution. When men turn Reason into their God, they become very unreasonable.

Dr. Pinker in "Better Angels" says that the Nazism and Christianity were "melded" in a "syncretic faith," that "Christian clerics and their flocks were all too happy to sign up, finding common cause with the Nazis in their opposition to the tolerant, secular, cosmopolitan culture of the Weimar era."

In fact, of course, the Nazis persecuted Christians from the beginning, especially Catholics. See here and here. The Nazis announced in so many words that they hoped to eliminate Christianity. See here. And the Nazis were inspired by, and justified their actions with, scientific racism, Atheism, neo-Paganism and nationalism. See here. In short, the whole Nazism = Christianity meme is a big lie. See here.

How is it that self-professed devout Christian scientists – especially the Christian scientists who contributed to the Enlightenment – are somehow NOT Christians and NOT influenced by Christianity, but Nazis, who said in so many words that they wanted to destroy Christianity ARE Christian?

Not waiting for an answer. Capital A Atheists make stuff up. 

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