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Friday, November 28, 2014

"Save Send Delete" is Amazing, Uplifting, Absolutely Dazzling

Very, very grateful to "anonymous" for this Amazon review. 

Please consider purchasing "Save Send Delete" as a Christmas gift ... I can send you a signed copy. 

"Danusha Goska is an amazingly talented writer, an exceptionally brave women who has been through incredible trials, absorbing a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that she shares in a thought-provoking, accessible format. Some of the writing is absolutely dazzling.

It is, btw, a thinly-veiled true love story by email correspondence, but she won't share the name of her correspondent (YET – I sure am guessing) I was warned that it would be heavy, and yes – after all, it is about struggles and searching, i.e., life. I think it still would be an inspirational gift for anyone sad or feeling alone ... or, well, for anyone. There is wisdom from the Bible, Talmud, Vedas, Twelve Step, a wide range of readings – but it is not preachy.

There are amazing stories of travel in it, so if you enjoyed Gilbert's "Eat, Pray, Love" you can get that armchair journey without the calories. Some parts reminded me of Anne Lamott in uplifting ways, but without the political rants. Incidentally, this author has been leftwing, rightwing, and everything in between, surviving exotic diseases (and less exotic) and saving lives.

Whether or not one agrees with everything in it (I didn't always), I think it is an important book. There is only a tiny bit of language your great-aunt won't like in 1-2 places towards the end and also some adult themes. (This writer is honest to the core.) This is a book that could foster all kinds of intelligent discussion and debate and should be on book club lists ... Oprah???"

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