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Thursday, October 10, 2013

"Save Send Delete" is Perfect for Book Discussion Groups says Wendy Your Librarian

Wendy Your Librarian reviews "Save Send Delete" at Amazon. Wendy's review is visible here.

I am a New Jersey Public Librarian and moderate a monthly book discussion hour. Last month I chose "Save Send Delete" by Danusha V. Goska and by far it produced one of the very best hours we ever shared together. The "I" letter adjectives describing the impact of the book on the group were flying: insightful, informative, intelligent, intimate, interesting, intense, and yes, important. The hour ran into overtime.

I adore the book and have so many pages tabbed with post-its that I could be the book's indexer. Now two months since I have read it I still have it on my nightstand. It is my new "go to" book for when I am having *moments*. Like, pages 102-104 are my reality checks, and, pages 139-141 are there for when I hurt.

Please get your hands on a copy of "Save Send Delete" and let Ms. Goska's profoundly personal treasure benefit you too.

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