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Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Death of an Adjunct Professor, Margaret Mary Vojtko

In "Save Send Delete" I talk about life as an adjunct professor. Recently the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published a poignant article about what our lives are like. The title is "Death of an Adjunct." 

Daniel Kovalik begins, "On Aug. 16, I received a call from a very upset Margaret Mary Vojtko. She told me that she was under an incredible amount of stress. She was receiving radiation therapy for the cancer that had just returned to her, she was living nearly homeless because she could not afford the upkeep on her home, which was literally falling in on itself, and now, she explained, she had received another indignity -- a letter from Adult Protective Services telling her that someone had referred her case to them saying that she needed assistance in taking care of herself. The letter said that if she did not meet with the caseworker the following Monday, her case would be turned over to Orphans' Court."

You can read the full, heartbreaking article about how universities treat us adjuncts here

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