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Sunday, September 22, 2013

"Save Send Delete" is "An Ideal Book Club Selection."

I am grateful to Amazon reviewer Linda Kornasky for her review of "Save Send Delete."

Linda's review is visible here on Amazon and in full, below.

An ideal book club selection

Goska jumps into philosophical ideas on atheism, theism, and gender that provoke lively debate without hostility. Her writing is beautiful, making her book a pleasure to read, and stimulating readers' thoughts about how their own past experiences have shaped their attitudes about theism and secularism. People in both camps can find much to value in this book. Goska insightfully implies how recent dialogue between proponents of atheism and of various religions hinges on gender conventions and sexual concerns, and her book will help people on both sides of this issue to consider preconceptions about men and women in this context.

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