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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"Save Send Delete" is "Riveting … Inspirational … Irresistible … A book that you will have trouble putting down and long remember."

"Save Send Delete" is a riveting work that grabs your heart and mind and refuses to let go. It is the tale of Mira, an intelligent, spiritual Catholic woman, who is barely scraping by as an adjunct professor, and her email correspondence with Rand, a well-known atheist, renowned scientist and wealthy English lord. The story consists solely of the emails that Mira has written to Rand with some additional correspondence with her friend, Amanda.

The book employs a unique device that furthers the plot and adds an extra level to the multi-layered story. Each email ends with the words, "Save Send Delete" with one of the terms bold-faced to indicate which action Mira ultimately took, allowing us further insight into her mindset. Does she boldly hit Send, or tentatively hit Save several times? Will she eventually send the email on to Rand, or simply hit Delete?

Goska weaves an irresistible tale of a blossoming friendship that becomes a love affair as well as an intriguing philosophical discourse between two exceptional intellects. As the narrative unfolds, Mira reveals her inner core to Rand and to us - her passion, her optimism, her reasons for stubbornly clinging to her belief in God despite the suffering of herself and others. The dialogue between Mira and Rand covers an awe-inspiring range of philosophy, literature, and science focusing, unsurprisingly, on religion and the nature of God. Filled with intriguing references and insights and memorable stories from Mira's life, it is a book that you will have trouble putting down and long remember.


So grateful to Lori Falco for this Amazon review found here.

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