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Thursday, February 14, 2013

God, Atheism, Travel, Suffering, and Email Love: Invite Me to Speak to Your Church, School, Library, or Club

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I read last night from "Save Send Delete" at the Montville Library. It was a profound experience for me. Because I am a little-known writer, it is always a miracle for me when I encounter a complete stranger who has read my work. It is a revelation to see the work anew through someone else's eyes. That happened for me last night.

Please consider inviting me to speak about "Save Send Delete" to your church, school, library or club. I don't expect payment.

Librarian Regina A. Bohn told me that patrons continued to give her positive feedback days after my talk at the Preakness library. After I spoke on his campus, Prof. Jay Bergman wrote, "My wife and I liked your talk immensely and learned a great deal from it. It took guts. Your students are very fortunate to have you as a teacher!" Arlene Scala, programming chair at the UU Church of the Palisades commented, "Clearly your presentation moved people. Afterwards, you were surrounded by congregants who wanted to speak with you!"

"Save Send Delete" is a true story. Some years back, I was wrestling with the big, hard questions. Is there a God? Why is there suffering? I contacted a celebrity atheist I saw on television. Our email exchange began as a debate on the existence of God. It blossomed into a love affair.

Bestselling authors have endorsed "Save Send Delete":

"Goska is a lyrical, forceful writer with a huge heart and talent to burn. Her inspiring observations embody the best vision of which we humans are capable. Goska deserves widespread attention."
– Larry Dossey, MD author, "Reinventing Medicine"

"I was very affected by the love story. The last twenty pages really had me biting my nails."
– Robert Ellsberg author of "All Saints"

"Danusha Goska writes with flair, vividness, and depth about two faith systems; two levels of consciousness; yet in each sentence, she searches for grandeur, wholeness and transcendence in both."
– Charles Ades Fishman, poet, "Chopin's Piano."

"Cheeky, mystical, merry, dark, and deep, Goska's wit, intelligence, and faith shimmer on every page."
– Jim Leary author, "So Ole Says to Lena"

"A powerful and evocative reflective journey."
– Paul Loeb, author, "Soul of a Citizen."

I have an MA from UC Berkeley and a PhD from Indiana University. My writing has won the New Jersey State Council on the Arts Grant, the PAHA Halecki Award, and others, and it's been published by Oxford University Press, Basic Books, Beliefnet, etc.

You can view the Amazon page for "Save Send Delete" here

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