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Friday, September 30, 2016

Hillary Clinton, "Bitch," Your Daughter, Your Mother, Your Wife, Your Sister, You.

If a man has a high IQ, he is smart and intelligent. His brain is a gift to society. He might discover a cure for cancer, or cold fusion, or rockets to Mars.

If a woman has a high IQ, she is a bitch.

If a man is quiet, he is deep. He is respected. He is assumed to be thinking profound things.

If woman is quiet, she is invisible. Ignore her. Forget her name.

If a man is strong, his strength is our strength. He can be our soldier to defend us. Our champion debater who articulates our values.

If a woman is strong, she is a castrating bitch.

If a man is creative, give him a grant. Hang his art on the walls of museums. Give his novel a Pulitzer. Give him a best director Academy Award.

If a woman is creative, why doesn't she have children? Selfish. Bitch.

If a man is ethical we put him on a pedestal and make him a judge and ask him to help us decide complex, weighty issues.

If a woman is ethical we mock her as self-righteous and focus on every chink in her armor. Mother Teresa went to a hospital when she had heart trouble!!! What about those vows of poverty, hey? Christopher Hitchens built his career on mocking Mother Teresa as a phony.

If a woman is chaste she is a prude.

If a woman enjoys life she is a whore.

If a woman has women friends she is a lesbian.

If woman has no women friends she is a bitch.

If woman has men friends she is promiscuous.

If a woman has a PhD or a JD or has an executive job she is unwomanly.

If a woman has no degree and is a stay-at-home mom she is "barefoot and pregnant." An airhead.

Look at the headlines on women's magazines, from Seventeen to O.

Every magazine, no matter the age of the demographic, has headlines focusing on one theme:

Women and girls, you are doing it wrong. Stop doing it. Start doing it right. Change your life now. Lose weight. Gain bust. Cook chocolate cake. Jog. Shut up. Speak up. Bathe. Get dirty. Stop stop stop. Do this do this do this.

No matter what a woman is doing, she is doing it wrong, and she'd better stop, and start doing it right.

This is a no-exit maze. There is only one solution.

Women and girls: shut up the internalized misogynists, and respect your intelligence, or your disinterest in intellectual pursuits. Respect your quiet or your noise. Respect your beauty or your ugliness.

Turn off the voice of misogyny.

One of the themes of election 2016 is misogynist caricatures of Hillary Clinton.

I check in to Facebook daily. Ever since polls reflected Trump's lack of viability in a general, as opposed to a primary, election, Trump boosters and those who self-identify as hating Hillary Clinton began to post memes depicting Hillary Clinton as

a toothed vagina

a witch

a blood sucking vampire

a crazed, serial killer ax murderer

a fat, wrinkled, naked old woman.


These images were

more frequent


more extreme

Than any images I saw during the same period depicting any male figure, including Donald Trump.

In fact I saw vanishingly few malicious caricatures of Donald Trump.

If you are a woman, if you have a wife, mother, sister or daughter, if you are a teacher or other leader who cares about women's fate, it behooves you to take note of this.

The world is (still) hateful towards women in a way it is not hateful towards men.

All other factors accounted for: who the woman is, what she does for a living, what she has done with her life.

The world saves a portion of its hatred to spend on women alone.

"The world" includes other women. Women perform FGM on little girls in Muslim countries. Women slice women's faces with razor blades if hijab is inadequate. Women participate in honor killings. Women abort female fetuses.

Women were the driving engines of the witch craze that mass murdered women in Europe for two hundred years.

Criticisms of Donald Trump that I have seen focus on actual things he has said, done, or proposed. These criticisms use transcripts and video and charts and graphs to make their points.

Criticisms of Hillary Clinton I have seen focus on making her face and body look as ugly as possible.

Yes, it's different for women than it is for men. Yes, we should pay attention. 

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