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Friday, October 12, 2018

Trump Supporters Believe a Woman Reporting an Assault

The other day I was violently assaulted by some young, black men.

I mentioned the assault on Facebook. I provided few details. I asked that people *not* express sympathy.

I made clear that I was reporting the assault specifically as part of an effort to communicate with rich, white liberal Facebook friends.

I have a handful of rich, white liberal Facebook friends who believe that Jim Crow never ended, that all cops are murderous white supremacists, and that all whites bask in the unearned glamor and ease of white privilege. They believe that poor, white Trump voters are lesser lifeforms, not even fully human. In fact one such Facebook friend refers to Trump supporters as "orcs," the villains from The Lord of the Rings.

Further, these rich, white liberal friends all live in lily white enclaves. Some live in towns with virtually no minorities. Some in entire states with virtually no African Americans.

I mentioned the assault because it is a microcosmic incident in a larger pattern. Young black males do commit a disproportionate amount of violent crime in the US. Poor whites in diverse states are more likely to be targets of that violent crime. Poor whites would like an honest conversation about this topic, rather than the politically correct fantasies that rich, white liberals insist on.

Rich, white liberals do steer the culture and do control national conversations. Rich, white liberals could benefit from losing their hostile, oppressive contempt for poor whites. Van Jones, himself a black man, said the same thing after Trump won. And Van Jones was trashed by liberals. "How dare you accord full humanity to poor whites? We all know they are nothing but orcs."

And this national discourse, that refuses to address real problems in our culture, and that demonizes poor whites, helped get Trump elected, and fuels his power.


A handful of Trump supporters expressed sympathy after my assault. Here's the strange thing. These same Trump supporters who expressed sympathy to me were all part of Team Trump's bashing of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford reported a credible account of being assaulted by Brett Kavanaugh, who was, at the time of her testimony, a SCOTUS nominee. Team Trump responded by trashing this woman. They have sent her so many serious death threats that she has had to abandon her home and she has not been able to sleep in the same place for more than a few nights at a time. Senior senators and President Trump called her a liar, part of a plot by Hillary Clinton and George Soros to undermine the US government. Trump mocked and laughed at her at a Mississippi rally, and Trump supporters laughed along.

The mockery of a woman who gave a credible account of being sexually assaulted burbled through my Facebook feed like sewage from a broken pipe. Trump supporters said she was too nerdy and too ugly to have been assaulted by a studly jock and team captain like Brett Kavanaugh. They said she should have just enjoyed it. They said she should have kept her mouth shut because it wasn't that big of a deal. They said, after all, he was only 17.

When I reported my assault, some of these same people expressed sympathy.

I thought about this for twenty-four hours. "Why would they doubt and mock Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and immediately believe and support me?"

And then I got it. My assailants were black. And I am white. So, yes, I am believable, and the guys who assaulted me are bad and guilty.

This is a guess. I can't know for certain that this is what was going on in the minds of these Facebook posters.

But it might be.

Me? I am not part of Team Trump. I am also not a rich, white liberal. I'm just one of millions of Americans looking at both the left and the right and shaking my head.

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  1. While I did not find Ford's testimony credible, I deplored the threats of violence against her. Sickening. However, I think the disparity between responses were not so much because your attackers were black, but because of the tribal response we get to EVERY issue now.

    So sorry for what you have suffered, but's what's one more in the panoply of pain you have suffered in your life.