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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Judge Tim Black: It's Danusha Goska not Danielle Goshuck. And Thank You.

Polish girl by Jozef Chelmonski
I learned through email that Judge Tim Black appeared on a podcast called "Pod Save America" and mentioned my work. 

I listened to the show yesterday. Judge Black quotes me in the very final minute of the broadcast. He has a great voice and when he quotes me it's very nice to hear my words in his great voice. 

He identifies the author of the quote as "Danielle Goshuck." I don't think Judge Black will probably ever read this, but I have to say: Danusha Goska. It's a Polish name. 

And thank you for mentioning my work, "Political Paralysis," and quoting from it.

You can hear the podcast here. Judge Black mentions "Political Paralysis" in the very final minute of the broadcast. 

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