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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Starbucks Cups, Christmas, and Christians

Hey, Facebook friend.

Starbucks. Christians. Christmas. It's annoying you.

Why are those Christians so thin-skinned and frivolous? Why are they all upset about Starbucks Christmas cups? You posted about this. You.

I'm a Christian. I didn't post about Starbucks cups. You didn't notice.

Here's what I did post about.

I posted about how ISIS has captured Christian women and girls and sold them as sex slaves.

You ignored that post.

I posted about how ISIS lined up 21 Egyptian Coptic Christian men on a beach in Libya and decapitated them on camera. Part of an ongoing war against Christians in Muslim countries.

You ignored that post.

I posted about an American professor named Dr. Mike Adams. He, like many American professors, was an atheist. He was praised and promoted. He converted to Christianity. After that, his career was sabotaged by his Christophobic colleagues and superiors. The anti Christian bigotry he faced was so bad he sued, and won.

You ignored that post.

Let's recap. You are claiming that Christians are frivolous asses because they are paying attention to a coffee cup. The only reason I, a Christian, know about that is because I read about it in your Facebook feed. YOU are the one obsessing about a coffee cup. Frivolous hypocrite much?

And you ignore posts about grotesque and local human rights abuses because they happen to be against Christians, and you don't give a fig about Christians. Bigot, much?

I wish I knew a nicer way to phrase this. But maybe I don't have to worry about that because you probably don't read my posts. Interacting with a real, live Christian would probably feel really icky to you.

Have a nice day.

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