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Sunday, June 7, 2015

If Emma Sulkowicz Had Been Raised Christian and Home-schooled

Emma Sulkowicz is the child of two psychiatrists – Sandra Leong and Kerry Sulkowicz – and the product of a highly elite education.

Sulkowicz attended the Dalton School, an elite private prep school. She then attended Columbia, an Ivy League University.

Sulkowicz claimed she was raped by her fellow student, Paul Nungesser. Columbia investigated and found him not responsible.

Paul Nungesser produced online messages from Emma in which she explicitly said to Nugesser, "fuck me in the butt." See quoted material below:

"Emma: fuck me in the butt

Paul: eehm

maybe not?


I miss your face tho

Emma: hahahah

you don’t miss my lopsided ass?

Paul: ido.

just not that much

good I am actually too tired to choose a movie


also to tired to spell apparently"

Sulkowicz continued to interact in a friendly manner with Nungesser after the alleged rape, as texts show.

Sulkowicz, after the alleged rape, carried a mattress around the Columbia campus. She carried it everywhere, including to class and to graduation. She said she would carry it until Nungesser was punished. She became known as Mattress Girl. She called her "performance" "Carry that Weight"

Sulkowicz received numerous prizes and awards. See material, below, quoted from Wikipedia:

"The art world generally responded with enthusiasm to Mattress Performance. Artnet cited it as "almost certainly ... one of the most important artworks of the year," comparing it to Ana Mendieta's Untitled (Rape Scene) (1973) and Suzanne Lacy and Leslie Labowitz-Starus's Three Weeks in May (1977).[32]

Performance artist Marina Abramović praised it.[33]

New York Times art critic Roberta Smith described it as "strict and lean, yet inclusive and open ended, symbolically laden yet drastically physical," writing that comparisons to the Stations of the Cross and Hester Prynne's scarlet letter were apparent.

Jerry Saltz, art critic for New York Magazine, included it in his list of the best 19 art shows of 2014, calling "clear, to the point, insistent, adamant ... pure radical vulnerability."Robert Fulford considers that "meaning and value dissolve and art becomes hopelessly debased" in certain works. He mentions Mattress Performance among others.

Nato Thompson, chief curator of Creative Time, said he could not think of another case where art had triggered a movement in the way Mattress Performance had.

Hillary Clinton told the DNC Women's Leadership Forum in September 2014: "That image should haunt all of us ..."

A group called "Carry That Weight" organized a "National Day of Action to Carry That Weight," during which students carried mattresses on 130 US campuses and several elsewhere.

Sulkowicz received the National Organization for Women's Susan B. Anthony Award and the Feminist Majority Foundation's Ms. Wonder Award.

In January 2015 Senator Gillibrand invited Sulkowicz to attend the 2015 State of the Union Address."

On June 6, 2015, Sulkowicz posted a graphic, lengthy, and detailed pornographic video, starring herself, online, at the website linked here:

In this video, shot with four cameras, Sulkowicz is completely naked. Her anatomy is shown without any editing. A fat man is also naked. You see his anatomy clearly. Sulkowicz and the anonymous fat man perform various graphic sex acts, again, all shot with four camera: fellatio, vaginal and anal rape. It appears genuine, not simulated.

At this point, many people are concluding that those who rushed to champion Sulkowicz should have thought twice.

Why didn't they?

If Emma Sulkowicz had been raised by two devout Christians who had homeschooled their child, rather than by two psychiatrists who sent their child to elite schools, she would be on the front page of newspapers all over the country.

People would be labeling her as mentally ill, and they would be condemning and examining the upbringing that produced her.

Instead, we are told we need to bend our consciousness and come to learn how a false rape accusation combined with public sexual exhibitionism is something our society should reward in young women. 

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  1. I didnt know this even happened. Reward? i think she deserves prison but nothing says white privledge like letting people be criminals