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Thursday, December 19, 2013

American Christians Worked Up about Duck Dynasty; Continue to Ignore "Genocide" in CAR

A magazine that publishes photographs like this is being treated as the new Christian Bible.
It teaches about vaginas and anuses from the mouth of a reality show TV star. American Christians applaud! 
Photographs like this, of an alleged "genocide" of African Christians by Muslim Seleka soldiers, and counter massacres by Christians of Muslims, don't arouse the same interest. 
Christians are rushing to defend Phil Robertson, aka the "Duck Commander" the television star of a reality show called "Duck Dynasty." It's about Southern hunters. I do not own a TV and I have no idea what transpires on this program, although I imagine it involves hunting ducks.

Robertson was interviewed by Gentleman's Quarterly, a magazine. In his interview, Robertson stated that, to a penis, a vagina probably feels better than an anus.

A&E, the producers of "Duck Dynasty," has suspended Phil Robertson.

Christians are rushing to defend Robertson and his statement. They say that Robertson is a victim, and that A&E violates freedom of speech, and that Robertson speaks Biblical truth.

Okay, let's review.

Christians are grasping onto something so trivial as a reality television show as the raft of their faith.

They are insisting that a man who was disciplined by his employer is a "victim" of "free speech" violation. Oh, nonsense. Robertson is a rich man, a television star, and his boss also has rights and can exercise them.

Christians are rushing to Gentleman's Quarterly, a publication based on lust, greed, and power, as their new spiritual text. Gentleman's Quarterly is a step below Playboy. Flip through its pages. You will see movie stars, politicians, expensive products, and naked women.

Christians, how dare you disgrace your faith by rushing to Gentleman's Quarterly as your Bible?

And, since we're talking Bible here, tell me where in the Bible God tells us that vaginas feel better than anuses?

When I was a child, no decent Christian used words like "vagina" or "anus" in public.

Do I have to say it? Shame on all of you.

While Christians are getting all worked up over their hatred of choice – homosexuals – what are Christians NOT devoting time to?

I was once a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Central African Republic. I know it as one of the poorest, most isolated, and most martyred places on earth.

Right now utterly defenseless Christians, whose ancestors, up to the twentieth century, were the prey of Muslim slave drivers, are currently being massacred by Muslims in the CAR, and some are lashing out and killing Muslims back.

Are American Christians paying any attention to this massacre, which some are calling a "genocide"?

It appears not. They are too busy getting excited that a blowhard reality TV star, and a magazine that features pictures of naked women, shares their hatred of homosexuals.

Prophet Jeremiah, we need you today. 

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