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Friday, March 8, 2013

Save Send Delete is "The Best Thing I Have Read on Faith or Lack of Faith in God"


"'Save Send Delete' is the best thing I have read regarding faith or lack of faith in God."

Very touched and grateful for the latest Amazon review from Nachman Rosenberg. Full text, below.

"When I picked the book up I could not put it down. This is a truly remarkable work - one side of a dialogue that debates the existence of God, and veers off into other very personal matters. The literary device of presenting one side of a dialogue, along with thoughts not conveyed in the form of deleted messages, was very interesting and challenging. I enjoyed the exercise.

I am so impressed - with the scope and depth of Goska's knowledge; with her insight and understanding of human nature; with her ability to craft a compelling line of persuasive argument; with her explanation and inversion of arguments that to me seemed compelling in support of lack of faith; and with her ability to put it into an understandable form.

'Save Send Delete' was the best thing I have read regarding faith or lack of faith in God. It gave me quite a few things to think about."

Link to the above review on Amazon here.


  1. Great review, but I'm not surprised. You certainly can write! Its an excellent title too.

  2. I'm just starting to read it by the way... Would you like feedback - or not? Bearing in mind that it is impossible not to comment through a JW focus given the subject matter. My first thought is what a truly amazing life you have had.

  3. sue it must b weird 4 u 2 read about an experience u lived thru w/ me