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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Praying for a Miracle for my Sister Part II

Me and my sister
Scruffy, my sister's dog. Please pray for Scruffy's family. 

I asked for prayers for my sister a few days ago in this blog post.

There's been news since that blog post and the news is not good.

So I'm praying even harder for a miracle.

I am also praying for God's grace for my sister, her family, and me.


I sent the message, below, to my sister's children.

Your mother, your Uncle Greg (Marlee's father) and I used to sleep in the same bed, and bathe in the same bathtub. Our family was very eco-friendly before it became popular. We also wore the same clothes.

Antoinette and I were in constant contact.

It was a big shock for me when she went off to nursing school. Suddenly I was all alone in the house. I used to be the youngest of six kids. Suddenly, I was an only child. Except for our dogs, Tramp, Artie, and Benjie.

Here's the thing, though. I would think something -- a thought would just flit through my mind -- or I would see a movie I liked, or I would hear a song on the radio -- and the next time I saw Antoinette, or the next time she wrote to me in her elegant, long, loopy handwriting, or the next time she phoned -- it would be as if we were Siamese twins, sharing the same brain.

At the same time that I was thinking X, she was thinking X. At the same time that I was singing along to song Y, she was singing along to song Y. At the same time that I was laughing at a joke, or swooning over a movie star, or remembering some event we shared, she would be thinking the exact same thing!!! Even though we were miles apart!

this happened so often, with such exactitude, and such intensity, that it was ... it was as if we were connected by some invisible, highly sophisticated, electronic wiring.

As time went on, this faded. I'll never forget it, though.

Why tell you all this ... you will never not be in touch with your mom. No matter what happens. I promise you. I know.


  1. I have been going through a heck of a time the last week and a half and haven't looked at a non-work site on the computer.
    Many prayers for your sister.

    1. Gordon, I'm sorry to hear about your week. I hope things look up soon.

      Thank you for praying for my sister.